The Caya® contoured diaphragm
is a new female contraceptive barrier device.

The shape of the Caya® diaphragm is designed to fit the female anatomy. This shape and size fits a broad range of women.

  • Cervical cup: Accommodates a range of cervical sizes. Thin, covers the cervix, not felt during intercourse
  • Rim: Flexible, provides stability and helps guide the Caya® deep into the vagina as the woman pushes on the anterior edge. Holds the diaphragm in place and ensures that it is positioned correctly
  • Grip dimples: Orient the woman's finger and provide a tactile cue for where to hold and squeeze the rim
  • Removal dome: Allows for easy removal; a woman's finger can fit under or over the dome to remove the device
  • Center point: palpable center point for a better positioning of the diaphragm


Caya® Gel

Caya® diaphragm gel

Caya® Gel acts by reducing the motility of sperm cells. Before inserting into the vagina, place about one teaspoon (about 4 ml) of Caya® Gel into the cervical cup and onto the external rim of the Caya® diaphragm. The pH value of the gel is acidic and thus creates an hostile environment inside the vagina for the sperm cells. At the same time, the gel has a positive effect on the vaginal fluid. Improved efficacy in two aspects.

Caya® Gel is identical to the Contracep® green manufactured from 1972 to 2002 and ContraGel® green available in europe since 2005. This lactic acid based compostion was shown to be as safe as nonoxynol-9 containing products as long ago as 1989 (Dittrich 1989) in a comparative study of different diaphragm gels and creams, but was found to have a much lower potential to cause side effects.

Caya® Gel ingredients:

  • Lactic acid
  • Sodium lactate
  • Cellulose
  • Sorbic acid
  • Water