Press release 01/2014

Caya® diaphragm successfully launched in 11 countries!

Mörfelden-Walldorf, April 2014. Caya® diaphragm was launched in April 2013 as a new, easy to use, hormone-free contraceptive method for women. Today, Caya® is available in 11 countries in Europe and Canada and has been used by more than
12,000 women during the first year.

Thanks to Caya®, many women are expressing renewed interest in diaphragms. Caya® is easy to use and provides hormone-free protection from unintended pregnancy. Its innovative design and colour, as well as the anatomical and ergonomic shape, have appealed to many users.

Caya® fits (nearly) all women due to its innovative spring - one of the key ad-vantages. An online survey amongst 121 Caya® users in Germany launched in October 2013 showed that 70% of participants were able to correctly insert Caya® on the first attempt.
Caya® provides a welcome option for women who may not be satisfied with their current contraceptive method. For example, Caya® is a good alternative to condoms, as it causes no impairment of sensation for either partner. Of the 121survey respondents, 48% of
women stated that they previously used condoms for contraception, and 42% of women used oral contraceptives. Even women who have never used a diaphragm before have started to use Caya®.

What makes Caya® so appealing to women?

  • Hormone-free – no influence on the hormone balance!
  • Easy to use
  • Fit and modern design
  • No side effects
  • Can be used for a long time– ecological and economical
  • Contraception only when necessary
  • More sensation than when using condoms
  • Alternative to the condom

Does not interfere with sensations for either partner.Caya® contoured diaphragm (RRP 37.95 €) and Caya® Gel (RRP 9.95 €) are sold at pharmacies without a prescription. For more information and an instruction video visit

Mörfelden-Walldorf, May 2014
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